Snorkeling Paradise: Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

A thunderstorm struck in the middle of the night, awakening us in our flimsy bamboo huts. The claps of thunder were deafening, and it sounded as though the rain could pound its ways through the rusted tin roof that covered our little abode.

I am worried about the twins. They are sleeping together in a little hut. How foolish of me to think that somehow that might be okay! I am sure they are awake and scared to death as the thunder clatters and lightning flashes about them. I send David over to check on them, and he finds they are sleeping soundly through nature’s fury.

I find myself thinking that I hope the rain clears up soon, since we have our snorkeling trip planned for this morning. Sure enough when we awaken to the alarm the rain has stopped and the morning promises to be beautiful.  We enjoy a quick breakfast and prepare for departure.


The sand on the beach is pockmarked from the heavy rain.

One thing I have to say about most of our experiences here in Southeast Asia is that when someone says they will be there, they will be there. This morning is no exception – our private longboat is right on time.


The morning water is calm and beautiful.


We come upon our first snokeling location in Maya Bay. There are some fish, but the coral is not particularly alive. Maybe heavy tourism has wreaked havoc? This is the first time snorkeling for everyone but David and I. Everyone seems to really enjoy it, despite the mold in the masks and snorkels. It ends up being that this morning the snorkeling is better at Long Beach right near our resort. 



We cruise around the island Ko Phi Phi Leh.

We take a dip in Pirate’s Cove  

And we stop at Monkey Island. I didn’t know that monkeys swim in the sea, but this one went after food.


If you ask me feeding the monkeys is kind of a bad idea. The real monkeys here are us, the tourists, who are making these poor animals unable to fend for themselves. There are so many tourists here on this quiet low season morning, that I find myself wondering what kind of a crazy place this must be during busy season.


When we get back to shore I discover that Kristoff now has fever. Annika feels much better already. What is this fever business? 

Just before sunset we decide we are going to hike to Lookout Point. We take the back way in through the jungle.

There are spectacular views from our perch. It is worth our 5 km hike.


We walk back through town and stop for dinner at Arboreal Restaurant, which ends up being a Chinese restaurant. I hate to tell you this, but the food that we ordered is so delicious that we will never forget! Annika is so tired she falls asleep.

We are perched high above the town as we enjoy our meals.


Okay, I know you think we are crazy. A late smoothie stop. I actually wanted to put this photo here to show what the walking streets are like on Phi Phi. In the main town area there are tiled walking streets like this lined with businesses and restaurants and hotels and hostels….it is a super busy and congested place. We are glad that our cute little resort is remote and far away from this.

 It will be our last night tonight on Phi Phi. Tomorrow we are heading back to the mainland into the town of Krabi. I haven’t made a hotel reservation yet for tomorrow night. We shall see what we come up with when we get there.

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