Tranquilized in Phi Phi: Thailand

I awaken early on our first morning in Phi Phi, and not because our little bungalow has no air conditioning, but rather because my tail bone is aching something fierce. Last night I fell on the rocks and landed hard on my butt, and I am paying for it now. Sometimes I wish I was a little wiser, or perhaps a little more risk averse. I don’t know if it from my fall last night or not (I doubt it), but I almost feel like life is unreal… I am tranquilized or something….not that I know what that feels like.

When I find I can’t sleep anymore I grab my camera and head down to the beach to watch the sunrise. I am pleased to capture the glory of the morning. David joins me, and when he does I ask how he slept.

We both agree that this little paradise is worth staying at longer, so I book up the next two nights as well. The fan had been very sufficient in keeping us cool at night, and there had not been a problem with mosquitos or any other critters.

After all our busy rushing to and fro on this trip, it is nice to just settle in for a couple of days of relaxation. If you know our travel style you would know that it usually does not include too much rest and relaxation, in fact usually we need a vacation after our vacation. I call it travel ADHD, but that’s a whole different topic. But for now we are planning to enjoy rest and relaxation in Ko Phi Phi…..aaaaah…..

Unfortunately, Annika is running a high fever this morning. I hold my hand up against her forehead and it feels like she is on fire. She complains of symptoms suggestive of a urinary tract infection, including burning, pain and urinary frequency. She is very weak and tired with this high fever. 

Now, you might guess that I have a mini pharmacy along with me. I suggest that you don’t ask me how I got all the antibiotics, because I won’t tell you, but suffice it to say that I have at least three or four types of antibiotics along. 

I place a quick message to my dear dear pediatrician friend, who very kindy gives me recommended treatment therapy and dosages for my baby. I very promptly administer the dosages. I give Annika some tylenol to bring down her fever. I hope she is feeling better soon. 



When I get down to the beach I have to go out on the rocks upon which I wiped out and busted my butt last night. How can it be that one rock was so slippery that both David and I fell instantly when we jumped upon it?

We discover that indeed, most of the rocks are bone dry, but there is one that is covered in a super slick moss, and that’s the one that we fell upon. 


Mr. Handsome is doing fine, but my behind is a quite achy, especially when I sit down.

Of course once I am done taking pictures of anything that moves and the sunrise, I figure I have to do something about all the trash that has washed up upon the beach. And just like when I lived in Florida, do you know what I found? Bottles, styrofoam, straws, sunscreen bottles, lighters, and shoes. I am actually shocked that so much trash washed up on our little beach in one night. 

I suppose if the trash would just stay in the bottom of the ocean it would eventually just become one with nature… that what people think when they litter? 

I have to reiterate here that our little secluded Viking Nature Resort is so cute!

Annika is feeling better already just a couple of hours after getting medicated with my special concoctions. 


That is how the day was spent. Just lounging on the beach, enjoying the day. I hung out with the little kids all day, and David made a quick run into town with the older kids to set up a snorkeling tour for tomorrow. Our resort may be cute, but they don’t have cute prices for their snorkeling tours. 

In the evening we head over to neighboring Long Beach to a lovely beachside restaurant. We order up dinner, which I have to say is not as good as our dinner last night at Viking Resort, but the setting is incredibly beautiful. 

There are not many patrons right now, as it is slow season in this area. We have had absolutely perfect weather and every moment feels as though we are in a dream. 

 I splurge and buy up four rounds of fried bananas with ice cream, which is incredibly delicious! 

It is a perfect end to a perfectly beautiful day. I feel peaceful and tranquil inside and out. My heart sings praises.

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