Straw Huts and Broken Butts: From Krabi to Ko Phi Phi

During our Southeast Asia trip planning process I gave David a request to choose a couple destinations that were a priority to him, and one location that he comes up with is Krabi, Thailand. When I do my reasearch I see that July is the low tourist season in Krabi, primarily because it is their rainy season. I ignore this information, and proceed ahead with the plans to go to Krabi. If the weather is horrible then we will just sit indoors.

Our arrival in Krabi intentionally coincides with the arrival of Hennu, our Finnish foreign exchange student from two years ago. Hennu is going to be a bridesmaid at Jasmine’s wedding and will travel with us from here to Singapore and Bali as well. So now our party of six has grown into a party of eight with the addition of Johann and Hennu.

While we have six days in Krabi, I have only made a hotel booking for one night. I wanted to have a known destination for when we arrive in Krabi, and then get a lay for the land.  We will stay tonight in Krabi at Thip Residence, which is just a short distance from a beach.

On arrival we quickly discover it is not a nice swimming beach. The weather report seems promising and that means we can make it out to Ko Phi Phi tomorrow, which is on our to do list. Apparently during rainy season it can get so stormy that you can’t get to Phi Phi Island. Luckily I did not book this hotel for more than one night, because the location is not that great, and Phi Phi is calling out to us.   

The rooms are clean and nice at Hotel Thip though, which is a welcome relief.

And they have a beautifully landscaped yard and gorgeous pool, so not a bad deal for about $22 per night.   

There is a little pier nearby where we go book our ferry tickets to Ko Phi Phi for the morning. I save 100 baht per person on the tickets by walking to the pier and negotiating versus using the hotel to book. Another thing to note is that I get profoundly ripped off having the Thip Residence take care of our laundry. I agree to their price before I notice that in the area there are many laundry facilities with much lower prices. I ended up paying an exhorbitant amount of over $30 USD to do our laundry. Mind you, we are in dire straits and need it done desperately, so I am glad to have it done nonetheless.

We are getting hungry again so we go foraging for food. Down the road we find a market, which is getting ready to close down soon. There are the usual sellers of fly infested meat, but also some of our favorite type of vendors, including fruit smoothies and Roti pancake makers.

Johann looked at us like we were crazy when we started ordering stuff from the streetfood vendors. He calls us hard core travelers, and after some coaxing agrees to try the delicious pancakes….mmmmm…..while we are munching on our goodies the Muslim call to prayer can be heard in the background at the mosque. This is our first time on this trip seeing a mosque. 

Annika gets  a special princess pancake by order, which you can see on the grill on the left. She is tickled pink.


The goodies were just basically an appetizer, so we head on down the street and stop at a streetside restaurant to order up some Thai food. It is unbelievably cheap and delicious. I think that if you want to stay in Krabi for cheap this is the neighborhood to stay in!

In the morning we are up early to go to the ferry station that will bring us to Phi Phi. I kind of like this little gas station. It looks better than those Coke bottles…..

We board the ferry which seems to get ever increasingly full of people. Of course my overactive mind begins to think about the ferry disasters that one hears about in random third world countries around the world… know, the ones where there are 1000 people piled into a ferry that is designed to accomodate only 500, and there are only 250 lifejackets and 2 lifeboats?

It is rainy season here, and I suppose a sudden storm could appear at any time, one would think. Down inside the ferry it is standing room only, so I go up on deck. If this rig goes down I think I will stand a better chance on the rooftop. Maybe I should stick close to this red life ring.


As we hum along the water we see many longboats out fishing.


And here is a beach on Phi Phi Island. It looks promising!


I had done some searching on the internet and found a good price for accomodations at the Viking Resort at about $24 per night. I did not book it yet though, as I have heard during low season you can get really cheap walkin rates. As we get closer to the harbor I see this sign.   

We start walking towards the Viking, which is a little ways out of the main town area. Us girls wait while David and Johann run all the way in to strike up a deal. Honestly, I think David will hate the location. I probably should have prebooked something to save the hassle of walking around town trying to find a good price on a hotel.


And there he is finally coming back. He is smiling, so something must be right.

Yep, he booked four rooms for us for a mere $18 per room! What a deal! We could get by with three rooms, but we splurge a little.


Oh my gosh, I love our room! It is super cute. Just a little straw hut with a fan… is just what I wanted to experience on this trip!



Read the sign carefully….it says Viking Nature Resort, not naturalist resort. And if I don’t feed my monkeys they will likely starve.  

And this is our cute little beach! And a random cute man.


And this is our neighboring Long Beach.

And our cute boats! I am so excited!


The longboat motors are loud…..maybe they should invent mufflers…..


I can’t tell you the joy that the children experience playing in the water.


Viking Resort has the cutest ever tables right on the beach, and we order up the most delicious Thai food….mmm…..


We decide to walk into town to go watch the sunset on the other side of the island.

On the way Kristoff feels sick to his stomach. Uh ooooh… passes…..


We end up on the west beach, which incidentally is the party beach. The party has not started yet, luckily. It seems like we are the only people here who are older than 30. I am so glad that we are way on the other side of the island in our nice little quiet, cute little resort.


We get an excellent display of Mother Earth’s beauty.


And after a smoothie stop we head back to our little huts, happy little souls greatly thankful for the amazing opportunity to be in this beautiful place. By the time we get closer to our resort it is dark, and we work our way through the jungle. We had read reviews about how scary it is, but really it is a well lit path, and a lot of fun to traverse.

When we get back to our resort David and I decide to step up on top of the rocks that are just adjacent to our little beach. We were not planning on any hanky panky or anything, just a little romantic moment of solitude.

We step from one large rock to other. I jump over to another rock, and much to my shock I find myself landing hard on my tailbone, my water bottle flies into the sea, and my camera smashes loudly against the rock, the lens cover nowhere to be seen. The rock is literally as slippery as ice and I slide down into a crevace. How can that be? The other rocks were dry as bones!

Not an instant later, before I know what is happening, David jumps onto the rock beside me, and does the exact same thing as I did, landing flat on his butt and sliding a little ways down into the crevace between the large rocks.

“Oh, David! Are you OK?”

It ends up being that he is fine. When he saw me fall he thought I was just not being very sure footed, and he was coming over to help me. I, on the other hand, did not have a chance to warn him that the rock is slippery.

Fortunately for David our PacSafe bag cushions his fall, and he is uninjured. As for me, I think that my tailbone is going to be sore for a few days.

I moan as I start to walk towards our little straw hut…..I think that I may have broken my butt. I can’t believe how crazy slippery that rock was!

I hope our bed in that little straw hut is comfortable….my tailbone hurts….and I hope we don’t get eaten alive by mosquitos….and I hope it is not scorchingly hot…..

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