Treated Like Royalty in Bangkok, Thailand

They say that a visit to Bangkok is not complete without a visit to the famous Grand Palace complex in the heart of the city. Well, it is one thing to merely visit the complex, but it’s quite another to visit it while being treated like a royalty! It is a suitable place for us to visit because ever since we arrived in Bangkok we have been treated like royalty! We have delicious Thai breakfast ready every morning. We have a private tour guide and driver with a fantastic vehicle. My sister-in-law’s good friend Puy also comes along to be our tour guide as well, and even pays our entrance fee to the Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace is magnificent in its opulence and displays the great creativity of the Thai people. When we arrive the complex is super busy and it seems like everyone else in Bangkok wanted to see the palace today as well.  I don’t need to say much here, because I think the photos speak to the magnificence of this complex.   


Here is the Royal Family!

David and Aundrea are reading a map…..which way do we go in this ginormous complex? Aundrea is crabby because her shirt was not acceptable for entry and she had to borrow this lovely peach colored shirt.


At first I am not sure what the writing on this umbrella implies. Later on I realize what they are saying is that you should respect Buddha and not get Buddha tattoos or buy Buddha decorations for your home.


Naa is awesome. The whole time we are in Bangkok he takes off from work and drives us around.


We get to see the famous emerald Buddha….no, I didn’t take this picture…..


Annika threatens the palace guard with her little fist…..

I tried to get David to threaten the guard, but this is the most I get out of him. David is almost as tall as the guard is when standing on a pedestal.


Once we are done at the Grand Palace we go across the river to another temple. The river is so busy! It is incredible to watch the boats rushing to and fro. Everyone seems to be on a mission, in a hurry to get somewhere or perhaps nowhere all at once.


The other temple is closing soon, so we don’t get a chance to go in.

Our temple tour is over and we have to say goodbye to our lovely tour guide, Puy. She promises that she will come visit us in Arizona. Thanks for the awesome tour, Puy.


We make one last stop at the tailor. We had told them we might come by later for a final fitting, but they did not seem to be expecting us. We wait for 1/2 an hour and finally David gets to try on the suit and pants. They had told us they would add an extra pocket on the pants, which is not done yet.

Uuuuh…I am not sure what is happening with these sleeves…..I tell them that I think the sleeves are positioned wrong and need to rotate slightly forward. Finally they agree that perhaps that is what needs done. We have no more time for fittings though. We have made arrangements for Jasmine and Tristan to pick up the suit when they come to Bangkok next week. Hopefully the final alterations will be done right and David will have a new suit for the wedding.

On our third and final morning in Bangkok Nida’s mom makes us another delicious breakfast. 

The little man is ready for school. 

We say goodbye to our dear new friends.

And we are off on another Air Asia flight, this time to Mandalay, Myanmar. Myanmar has only been open for tourism for several years so it should be a very interesting place. Goodbye, Bangkok….goodbye to our lovely lovely hosts…..we will be forever grateful and never forget the awesome treatment we have received.

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