Best Day in History

It is unreal! It’s the best day in history because Daddy is here! The kids missed him so much. And I am not shy either! My husband is here. I love him from the very depths of my soul! What a delightful moment!

Let’s not waste a minute of precious time! We whisked off to tour St. Augustine, which is such a delightful historic city – it lays claim to being the oldest in the US. We had coffee at this wonderful little coffee shop.

With daddy around Kristoff had a renewed fervor for fishing, and thus he caught a shark and promptly ran in with it to show mom! It was a little hard to capture a photograph because it was swinging quite wildly on the end of the line……Ummm, young man, just so you know, sharks have teeth…..

This is much more like it, my boy!

Well, what do you suppose we might do for entertainment, David and I? Yes, you’re right! Road biking! What a great place to get on the open road! We hauled Sanni along on our ride to St Augustine and had a little lunch along the way. Something must have been funny!


Sanni got a flat. For punishment we made her wear the inner tube for a necklace!


What’s more lovely than riding ocean side? It is so awesome! This beach is 5 miles of dunes with no houses. Such a cool place!



Well, the weather didn’t stay perfect. But that doesn’t hinder hardcore beach goers.

David started fishing and when I told him to come in to lunch this is how he answered…..

So rather than argue I brought the lunch out to the beach. The kids were like, mom, why didn’t we do this more often!

Well, here’s the catch……man vs shark…..

You know, it’s one thing to go to a Christmas light parade, and quite another to see a Christmas light boat parade!


And sure as shootin’….that’s Santa and 8 tiny reindeer!

It was rather miserable weather and we got a sudden downpour. But what is more fun than window shopping in pouring rain with a stop for pizza!?


Now they do say that all good things have to come to an end. There’s more than one way to interpret that, but let’s say that it has been awesome having my husband here…but guess what? I still have two nights of work left….before I left to work, though, we ran down the beach together with cameras in hand trying to capture a delightful sight….a fishing vessel with bright lights in the water, and a bright full moon!

And then I was off to my last night of work. Lots of great people here that we will miss! I don’t know if they will miss me or not….

But here it is……I am flying the coop….it’s done! Thanks to all the powers that be who made this exchange possible! How amazing!


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