Turning “Bah Humbug” Into Christmas Joy

Seems unreal that Christmas is coming so soon, and with that our time in Florida draws to a close! Seriously, how does a person change gears from collecting shells to putting up a tree? I don’t even know how to begin with this blog posting! I will just preface this post by saying that it is with much regret that we approach our last few weeks here in Florida. What a time we have had…..let’s see what else we can come up with to fill up these last fabulous days that we have left.

How about I start with our beautiful beach? Look at how many seashells litter our beach!




Some of my dream beach homes….not too out there……like I said, dream homes….


20140113-231119.jpg<br /

Annika saw so many beautiful beach houses that her eyes bugged out!



One fine day when I went “thing finding” I found this mermaid washed ashore….


The boys and I decided to have a little fun, so I made up a new game of beach chicken. We sat down on the beach as the tide was rushing in. Mind you, it’s December! The first one to stand up pays $5 to the other players! Guess who won? Not me, because I believe in letting kids win….



Now you may wonder how much sand we had in our swim bottoms when all was said and done when you see how sticky the sand and shells are on our lovely little South Ponte Vedra Beach….


One fine day we had the pleasure of hosting the Humphrey’s for a pizza party, and then four of their lovely munchkins stayed for a sleepover. I got the girls into bed pretty easy like….


The boys, on the other hand, were a different story! Before long a treacherous pillow fight broke out…..it took everything within me to get the brawl under control……(yep)….



Against my best intentions and deepest desires my kids are too into computer games, so the next day I dragged the whole load of them for a beach run……kick in’ and screamin’ they were because they wanted nothing to do with a stupid beach run when they had friends over!

I pretty much used brute force to get them out the door, and in the end they were the most delighted kids on the planet! We ran down the beach a mile to the gas station and I gave them money for a rare treat….uh yeah….it’s iced tea….



Needless to say, with all the beachin’ who can get into the Christmas spirit? The kids keep talking about how excited they are for Christmas, and I have done nothing to prepare! Christmas is just around the corner and I have done absolutely nothing – not even purchased a single gift! I need a booster shot of Christmas spirit!

So as luck would have it (cause and effect for some higher cognitive thinkers), I got the inspiration I needed. The Humphrey’s are awesome because they keep me up to date on fun events in the community. So sure enough we attended the British Night Watch and Illumination Parade in St Augustine. This was really cool. They had hundreds of people dressed in old British military garb and they read the Christmas proclamation from the balcony of City Hall. Then the townspeople (us) paraded behind them with burning candles. It ended up with a volley of rifle firing and a singing of traditional Christmas carols. The kids loved it! Our kids even got into the Jacksonville newspaper!



I think the candles were every bit as exciting as anything else!



But really? Perhaps the more awesome part was the volley of gunfire!


Th parade and singing of Christmas carols added to the festivity.





So if that didn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what would! I actually cried when I saw some teenagers heartily singing along and participating in the festivities….and the kids….how they enjoyed it! I am sure it will forever remain a memorable event in their precious little hearts….I know….it’s a time for reflection and thanks….and all I can say is that I can’t be thankful enough for these precious children who I have the greatest pleasure of calling my own…..how much better could life be? And what greater way to celebrate all of life’s gifts than by celebrating the true meaning of Christmas?! And thus in me is kindled a fire….I want to prepare for and celebrate the birth of Jesus……….


The Christmas spirit is kindled…one that brings the ocean in…that combines my passion for the seashore with the joy of anticipating Christmas…..


…..and tomorrow…..guess what? My beautiful husband….the best husband a woman could dream of…..the best father a child could ask for…..he arrives tomorrow…..oh my soul delights….

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