Head South They Said

Some days you just gotta go do what it is you want to do….and never mind the weather! They said if you want better weather, better sea shells, better beaches, better shopping, better baking, better fishing……if you want all these things then you need to go to southern Florida.

We took the advice. We drove down to Lake Worth, FL on Thanksgiving weekend. Earlier we had planned with Debbie that we would get out and go shelling when we were in southern Florida. Of course it was raining something fierce! That’s no deterrent! My lovely friend, Debbie, got out her big umbrella and we headed out….

It was raining more than just a little bit, so we got a good soaking…..and no shells. To be sure we did get some good laughs….then suddenly there was a break in the clouds and we got a bit of beaching in. We did find something in lieu of shells…yep, my favorite….discarded balloons floating in the ocean!


We thought maybe we would glam things up a bit, so we headed on over to West Palm Beach. Found out there’s more than one way to build a snowman…..

Then of course we went shopping on Worth Avenue. We were dressed like bums in one of the most upscale shopping areas in the US. Lucky for us it’s a free country….

You would not believe the jewelry in the shop windows…..mind you, nary a price tag in sight!

And if you didn’t bust the budget buying the jewelry you could always invest in a most original grand piano….completely made out of alligator skin – and yes, it’s a player….of course!

Over at the City Center in West Palm Beach we got into a snowball fight….

And a rare candy splurge…..

We did get a little doggie to go on a bike ride with us….cute little thing

I think the kids are getting beached out. When I told them we were going to the beach they were like, why?


We went deep sea fishing. Every time I threw my line in I caught one or two fish! But they were mostly blue runners, which were all thrown back. No blue marlin or anything exciting! Sanni caught a nice shark, though!

Kristoff caught a fish as well, and we had fun playing Titanic….




No trip to Lake Worth is worth it without a visit to the Finnish bakery! Double donut glasses……

Since we have travel ADHD we decided to book it down to Miami.

Miami is actually a really cool city with beautiful high rise hotels stacked along the beach, and extremely beautiful beaches! The water is amazing! I didn’t have to convince the kids to get in here…..I do think that they are going to need new swim suits soon though….



That’s my darling niece, by the way…..cute as a button, that one…..

We did get down to Biscayne Key for a very short visit. Wish we could have spent more time there. Got in a nice shot of the lighthouse at sunset.

And Miami city lights from a very romantic beach across the waterway.

So were all these things better in southern Florida? Well, we did get to visit with some awesome people! The beaches are definitely more beautiful, although it is more crowded. The fishing was fun. The Finnish donuts were dangerously delicious! The shopping will kill you if the donuts don’t. The weather is usually better although we did get some rain.

You know, this opportunity to come to Florida and experience this all has been so amazing! Sometimes I wonder what I have done to deserve this. I am just super thankful that we have been able to enjoy this time. The days are winding down. I have only three more work shifts and then right after Christmas we head back. I do need to come up with a few more adventures…..I do know one thing…..we are all going to miss the beautiful beaches……


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