Thing Finding Expeditions

Random is, as random does. Life in Florida is a bit different than Arizona. I will preface this post by saying that I have this memory of my childhood, which we called “thing finding”! The deal is where we grew up in Canada there was a good, solid, snowy winter. In the spring if you kept your eyes peeled, you could find all kinds of nifty “things” that people dropped or lost in the snow. I am sure most if it was total junk, but for kids it was exciting finding things. So as kids we used to make a point of going “thing finding”. We have a beach version of “thing finding” going on here, and the ocean being full of many mysterious things keeps giving us surprises, some pleasant and some not so pleasant! How about finding these Portuguese man of war jellyfish on your own beach? And yeah, Annika had the misfortune of getting stung by one, albeit when she was trying to save its life.

Well, that’s not the only thing we have found on the beach lately. Look at this!

One fine day Sanni found this beautiful shell on the beach. Then I found two like this, and ultimately many many more.

Then we have found this! Everyday when we go on our beach run we pick up trash (thanks for the inspiration, Seaworld)….and each time we go we manage to get about two full kitchen bags of trash within a mile jog! People be aware! Every day we find balloons! People must release balloons and then they end up landing in the waterways somewhere along the way! Plus we find tons of styrofoam cup remnants!

Annika found this strip of white plastic. It had a bunch of snails stuck on it! So I suppose if you are a snail and you lose your home a piece of plastic will do just fine?

Oh dear! A very large, but very dead turtle! I am not sure why it has a red x painted on its shell.

And seriously? As many of you already know, we tried to save this dolphin, to no avail. Of course I now know it was a mistake to try to help the animal. We could have been fined and even contracted morbillivirus from it, which sounds morbilliously morbid! We did get a total dunking for our efforts, so maybe that was punishment enough for our misdeeds! Quite honestly, we didn’t misbehave “on porpoise”!



But such as it is, in the midst of all this “thing finding”, we discovered that when you get company they eventually have to leave. Ashlee and Ville left back to Finland, much to my chagrin.

It was nice that Ashlee got to visit with her childhood friend, Kati. That turned out to be an awesome surprise. Kati and Nelly left on the same day too, back to Phoenix.

After everyone left I didn’t have too much time to mope, though. I made a run to Costco. I have to tell you that the Costco in Jacksonville is the only one around for 250 miles. I was there 1/2 hr before opening, as I was on my way home from the airport, and there was a huge crowd of people waiting to get in! This place is a zoo every time I go there! As far as “thing finding”
goes, this is as good a place as any for that. Materialism rules!

As I was saying, not too much time to mope, because the very day everyone left I got three new visitors! Marketta was driving down to Lake Worth, FL from Toronto and she stopped in with my niece, Victoria, and baby Gabriel! Baby Gabe is our littlest guest – and darlingest! Marketta and I go waaaaay back. She lived in Australia when I was a wee toddler, and moved to Toronto just after we did. I have many fond memories of her taking us on outings. One of my favorite was going to this ginormous mansion where she was the cook, and to her lovely peach and bing cherry farm on the shore of Lake Ontario.


Once all the company left I had to get back to work. Now I am working 5 out of 6 days….(60+hrs) to make up for lost time while partying with my company. Then on morning 2 of 4, I go out to my car after work, and the lousy pig won’t start. Ends up being the wiring harness, which probably met its fate by the desert rats in Arizona. Bill? $1700.00!!!!!!! I am going to be soooooo broke after this trip! Oh yeah, I was broke to begin it! I guess life gives you lemons even in paradise?

We have got this huge cold snap going on. Funny thing is that the wind is coming from the west for the first time since we have been here, and despite the wind and cold, the ocean is the calmest we have seen the whole time!


The kids were lamenting that I have to work Thanksgiving, and that we didn’t have a meal. As we did our beach run we found this greeting made of shells.

This is the look that Annika gave me when I told her there was no Thanksgiving dinner! I won’t do that again!

And to think that Christmas is coming, and I was planning a failblog Christmas, too with few traditions…..maybe I need to rethink my strategy :-0

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