Mars Mission and Time Travel

What’s cool? Seeing a rocket take off for Mars is pretty cool! The MAVEN lift off!

The MAVEN Mars mission blasted off from Cape Canaveral at the Kennedy Space Center. While there we saw a few exhibits. This is the Shuttle Atlantis…..they have the actual shuttle on display.

Future astronauts…..or not…

Betcha one of these kids becomes an astronaut…..the Humphrey kids will make it happen.

Rockets and more rockets…..

Wait a minute……let’s rehash….pretty cool, eh? I won’t tell you about the British tourists who cut right in front of us just two minutes before blast off. We had just spent 1.5 hours waiting for lift off and these clowns barge rudely right in front of us. We got into a bit of a brawl – well, not really….but all in all, seeing the rocket take off was definitely a highlight of our Florida stay! Pretty, pretty cool!

We drove in the evening then from Kennedy Space Center to Wakiva Springs, where we tent camped and then went canoeing the next day. We did not see any alligators at Wakiva – regretfully or thankfully.

We had a nice little lunch in the canoes and splashed around in gator infested water. And we saw lots of birds ( and even a cute Finn chick)





After surviving alligator infested water, we decided to go to historic Winter Park in Orlando for some treats. You may note the blue bag with the inscription Peterbrooke. There’s a chocolate story, sweet success there. Ashlee and Ville here are eating the chocolate covered bacon. Winter Park is super cute. I would go here again.




I actually went to Winter Park to kill a couple hours of time while I waited to pull off my big surprise. From there I drive the unsuspecting crew to the Orlando airport where we picked up Ashlee’s childhood friend, Kati, along with a lovely Finnish youngster, Nelly. That was a total surprise job for Ashlee and Ville! Of course I knew about it, and trust me, it was pretty tricky to try to keep it a secret right until the bitter end! For the night we took Kati and Nelly camping with us, which was kind of random.


The next day we hit Seaworld. I had a terrible headache. Went on some wild rides, which are a bit much for an old lady. I am pretty sure this is what I looked like after the rides – a little green around the gills.

The one big disappointment is that the trainers no longer swim with Shamu. But the dolphins swimming around was fun. I tell you, they had added like 50 acrobats to the show and it was so busy that I could hardly focus – far too stimulating for an old folk’s senses!





So here you can see we got to go on a trip to Antarctica to see penguins, and also to the North Pole via the Polar Express to see Santa – all in one day! That’s what I call “time travel”.

I dare say, that was enough action for three days! I feel very over stimulated! Time travel and rockets to Mars are very tiring. Let’s go home! And so we did.


I posted a couple photos from my regular camera here. This is at Wakiva Springs. I had a swimming race with the kids…..guess who won? Well, I had the disadvantage of being fully clothed and my shoes kept falling off……




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