Parking Lot Stalkers and Visitors 1, 2 & 3

Life in Florida has been eventful, one might say. Seems like the days just keep on rollin’ by. Since we haven’t been able to find a live alligator yet, Annika got creative and made one of her own.

I did get to thinkin’ one day as I lay on the beach that luckily no creepy ocean animals would come attack you on the beach like an alligator might. Then we went for our jog on the beach and found some weird stuff washed up – like they wanted to attack me.




So this is how the kids react when I say let’s go for our run.

Down the beach a mile away we pause for photos…..

I run so fast my feet don’t even touch the ground.

One day I made the kids ride their bikes home along the beach for a mile. They were not very happy about that! Annika beat the boys by a long shot. The boys figured it was because she is lighter.

I did get a solid chuckle one day when I heard Bjorn tell Annika that he has not showered in 2 weeks. Now explain that one? Did my kid really avoid a shower for two weeks unbeknownst to me? Could happen, I suppose. Needless to say he got to take a shower the minute I heard this claim. Get behind your ears there, son!

So we got really lucky! For those who don’t believe in luck, we had awesome cause and effect. We got some company! JJ and his lovely wife Debbie, whom I have known since childhood, were driving by! I got up early one morning to find Debbie enjoying this beautiful sunrise.


They were not so lucky (i.e. Bad cause and effect) on their way to our house, because they got rear ended just 7 miles away from our house. They were ok, thankfully, but their camper is wrecked and the black water holding tank broke and I guess it didn’t smell too pretty – it is called poo-fume (as opposed to per-fume). The kid who hit them was ok but his car got totaled.

Now again we had good cause and effect to have my kummipoika ( God son) come visit with his pal from Washington. They had the bad cause and effect of their car breaking down in Nashville, but that didn’t slow ’em down. They simply hopped on a plane and flew on down. I didn’t get a picture of them because like a nor’easter they blew out as fast as they blew in. So I am stealing this picture of them from Facebook. Don’t nobody tell ’em cuz their photos are likely proprietary. I do have one of their phone chargers here so maybe they will come back again soon…. Or maybe I can mail it to the rightful owner.

Now I have more company! Emerson is here for one week! First night it was hit the beach time. Then it got kind of cold. Windy!

So we went into St. Augustine to visit the fort Castillo de San Marcos. They fired a cannon for us. Notably one of the Spanish soldiers here is a woman, which I am quite sure did not happen in those days. The cannon was loud. No drones here, by the way, although the guide did drone on and on.


Emerson didn’t think I was crabby enough so he went and caught a nice blue crab. We added him to our dinner menu. I do feel pretty useless because some of the fishermen there at the preserve caught so much fish they literally had large coolers full and we had not a bite!


I do feel the urge to mention that ya’ll folks here in Flori-duh be driving like annoying – slow! With bumper stickers like this……..

Which leads me to the parking lot stalkers. I work nights so each time I work I easily find one of the closer parking spots. Every morning there are at least 5 parking lot stalkers waiting to get your spot. They are too lazy or something to walk an extra 5 minutes. So I make a game out of it. I purposely act like my car is parked in a different row, and all the cars race to get to where I am going. Meanwhile I am not even going to the place they think I am! Some of the rows are dead ends so they end up having to back out all the way when they realize I am not going where they thought I was going. It’s a hilarious game – especially after a killer 13 hour night shift! Watch, I will inevitably pull this trick on my manager or the Chief Nursing Officer or someone who will be royally p.o.’d…….


I am excited to say my baby is reading a book from my favorite series when I was a kid. And the kids have been doing other things from way back in history, which is a bit puzzling…..


Emer and I are planning that we will go to Savannah, GA and to the Oke-Pinocchio swampland preserve this week. Should be a fun outing for us all. Until then I shall leave you with this image in mind…..happy children running and playing in the surf. What a blessing!


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