Say ‘Yes’ to Fleas

Well….what’s up, eh?

Mrs. Kessel’s “forth” grade class was cancelled due to a sudden increase in moisture.

The rain around here is a little funny, and unpredictable. One minute it is nice, and then suddenly there is a downpour. Makes planning for class a bit rough….although to be sure we really don’t have class outside. L

So what do you do on a rainy day? I brought the kids to the library where I met the crabbiest librarians in the universe, after which we strolled through the park. Look at bookworm at the playground.


So then we thought we would go explore Jacksonville Beach. On the pier we had the fishermen show us their catch. Blue fish and white fish and pompano…..


As we walked the beach we saw this Red Cross Lifeguard station. A young woman named Monica was working there. I told her Annika wanted to learn about her job, and before you knew it we got a full tour of the Red Cross facility, right up into the tower! We learned some interesting things lifeguards look for on the beach that could spell trouble. For instance, if you see a person on the beach with dress pants and shirt, they are more likely to get into trouble than a person with a swimsuit on. Hmmmmmm



I guess ya’ll have heard that Florida has lots of bugs? I called the management company and had then come spray – even though I have a huge aversion to bug spraying. But seeing more than 5 of these in a day is too much!

But we do like fleas…..sand fleas, that is. So what you do is you take this little basket rake out onto the beach, and as the tide water washes out you drag this in the sand and catch sand fleas.

You take these little cockroach-like hard shelled suckers and you put them onto your fishing hook for bait. Now all you beach lovin’ folks, just a heads up…..there’s plenty of these nasty looking critters all around you when you play on the beach!



Today was a pristinely beautiful day for a run on the beach. The kids like to run in the surf and then they will intentionally fall down. Today as we ran, the kids would run ahead and quickly draw a picture of a smiling face in the sand. They got progressively more creative.




Then I hadda bring out the mechanic in me. I fixed two bike tires. Now nobody tell David, please, because I like to act feeble around him so that he will fix my tires for me if need be.

Of course with all the bikes repaired we decided to hit the trail. We rode 1 mile down the road to the Guana preserve. Amazing forested trails in there! And yes, my road bike did okay back there apart from a couple sandy spots. Afterwards the kids were super eager to know if we could go every day.


Tomorrow a new quarter starts at school for the kids so we will need to take things a little more seriously. We are going to start the day off with some company in the morning – how’s that for getting serious?

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