Nurse Ratchet Intimidated by Nor’easter and Fail Blog Internet School

First things first. A beautiful sunrise. Who could argue with that?



But holy tamole! That was the start of this Nor’easter that blew through! Scared the dickens out of me with 30 mph winds and waves pounding on the shore! Some of the wooden steps on down the beach got mutilated. It is very intimidating to be so near that amazingly powerful ocean!

So then I had my first day on the unit. Biggest shock? Working without CV techs! Man, I LOVE our CV techs – we are sooo spoiled! And the units here are humongous! Oh, and the cafeteria does not have night time hours! But whaddaya think? Are they going to like Nurse Ratchet? Honestly the ceil blue is probably less flattering than white, and the unisex uniforms are a little unstylish. But, hey, they were free to use. We all like freebies.

So then we did start Internet school for the kids. It is very complicated and overwhelming for me! Well, for the kids, too. I hope things start to make more sense soon. The new quarter starts on the 28th so we have two weeks to get the feel for it. But here they are in class….looks pretty sucky! They have their new school uniforms on – swim suits.

But the reality is that the Internet school is stressing me out like crazy, and stuff like this makes me crazier than a loon. Do you think educatators shod at leest be able to spelling properly?

Annika has been battling this lingering sinus infection and cough. Yesterday her ear started draining. So I took her over to the big M to the family practice. The doctor was quite shocked that the kids are in Internet school, and seemed quite resolved that Annika did not have an infection but that she probably has swimmer’s ear. I did manage to talk her into giving me an antibiotic prescription I could fill out just in case she gets worse. Once I had that in my hot little hands I went pronto promptly to the pharmacy to fill it. Maybe augmentin will take away her swimmer’s ear that she doesn’t have.
On the way the kids were wondering who started the big M. So we had a little lesson about the famous duo. That’s all they need to know. Class dismissed.

School sucks and all, so we put away the laptops and went to the alligator and water snake infested Guana River State Park that is 1 mile down the road.
We saw some cool birds.

We also learned that fish croak. Like they literally croak like frogs do. It made me laugh! Did you know fish croak? There was literally thousands of fish in the spot by the dam. Sometimes you would see hundreds jump out of the water at once! These guys were catching huge sea trout. So the kids talked these dudes into giving them live bait that they had captured, and before long Annika caught a 14″ sea trout. Kristoff wanted to claim it since he reeled it in. Unfortunately we had to throw it back in because the rule is 15+ inches or risk fine of $500. The photo of Annika’s fish does not do it justice because it was getting dark. And man, as soon as that sun went down the mosquitoes went hog wild!


I do have to make a confession. I started to really doubt why I decided to come here. I told David I am coming back home next week, albeit jokingly. But today was a beautiful 80 degrees and the ocean water was beautiful and warm and we did our 2 mile family beach run, and had fun fishing……so I changed my mind again – as you might know this house is so small that I have to go outside to change my mind 🙂 Oh, and guess what? Emerson has his tickets to come see his mommy in Florida! I am sooooooo excited. We are planning on going to the Oki-Pinocchio Swamp in Georgia to go kayaking and camping!

We did have a visitor today – an appliance repair man came to see why the dishwasher was making the dishes dirtier coming out than going in. He tried to clean it out a bit and ran a cycle with CLR. So I went to go inspect it……what do you think? Any reason the dishes come out dirtier? So gross!

But I shan’t leave you with that hideous picture, but will close out with something nice…..


Hope you enjoy the blog!

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  1. Love the updates Kaija. I just got back from Vaughn’s conference. The school is looking for volunteers to help with lunches and sinners. I signed up for lunches and then on the way home thought that maybe I should have volunteered to forgive sins! Wonder if I’d have any interest…

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