“Staycation” Definition Revised

Staycation is a word that means to stay home during your vacation and maybe do some fun things locally. Well for me it means staying for a longer period of time in a place that feels like a vacation! I guess I could almost call it a workcation.

We did get into our house finally. Welcome to anyone who wants to come visit. The first evening we had dinner like this…..


Our house has a fabulous location, albeit a busy road up front, but absolutely pristine beachfront!


I seriously can’t believe that this is in my backyard! I bought this surfboard from Costco (only one in this town). I am thinking I am going to sign the kids up for surfing lessons.



Enough bragging about the beach. I am beginning to make myself sick, and when one makes oneself sick you know it is pretty bad! Let’s talk about the house!

It definitely is not luxurious! My oh my. You know, photos can be quite deceptive. I guess overall the bedding and linens are clean and all that. But I swear, the dishwasher is so bad that it makes clean dishes dirty! All the dishes look like this.

And I spent three hours cleaning the insides of cabinets in the kitchen, some of which look like this….

Oh well, the carpets are hack, but I guess I don’t have to worry about the kids wrecking it. I will wear my shoes inside. Who really cares when the ocean is your playground. We started our daily jogs on the beach today.

Someone may be wondering how I plan to use the surf board here on the Atlantic coast, but one would be surprised that the surf has been pretty strong here! The first day the kids took a beating on the beach. Annika got herself as scraped knee and fat lip when the waves jostled her up.

That’s not the only danger! We about stepped on this jellyfish today.

And Humphrey’s were swimming with a shark today, unintentionally of course. Now we just need a close call or two with alligators or a water moccasin or something like that……but anyways, the Humphrey’s lived to tell about it, as witnessed by their visit to our place today. The boys had some pretty intense conversations going about global warming and other scientific topics. The kids seem happy to have one another to play with.

And that is what our time here in Florida is….footprints in the sand, soon to be washed away….but perhaps we will have many fond memories and good stories to tell. Tomorrow we have two new firsts. First day of Internet school for the kids. And first day of work on the unit for me!


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