Illuminated Footsteps in the Sand Delight Beeline Adventurers

Imagine walking on a beach in the moonlight to see sparkling flashy footsteps left behind! What a delight to behold! We all felt a bit magical!


We had dinner yesterday at Eric and his wife’s place (my fellow ICU RN on exchange from AZ), and then went to the beach at sunset. The kids discovered that the sand was sparkling with what seemed a million fireflies every time you touched it! It was fascinating! A little research by Eric came up with this bioluminescent organism called dinoflagellates. Apparently it is a type of algae and they appear prior to a red tide. When disturbed they flash like fireflies! It was the most amazing phenomenon! Perhaps a once in a lifetime experience.


Today I figured I would take the kids out on a day trip to get out of this hotel suite. They are getting a little cabin fever (mökki höperö). I drove to the Kingsley Plantation, only to discover that it was closed due to the feds. I thought about hopping the fence….


….but instead we ventured over to Amelia Island and went to the Fort Clinch, which is a state park. The boys were amazed by how uncomfortable the soldiers’ beds were.


I did actually think about locking them up for good, but then I remembered how the woman who makes our hotel breakfast came to tell me that my children are delightful and extremely well mannered! Might as well not lock them up. At least not yet.


The fort is actually pretty cool with many places to explore. They are going to fire the cannons the day after we were there, so we miss that.





After the fort we went to the beach for a picnic. The kids were a bit intimidated by the water, but soon they were in full swing! Kristoff asked me if there are sharks. No. Are there jellyfish? No. Are there stingrays? No. Are there crabs? No. It took him an hour before he dared get in the water.


This beach we went to had this ginormous rusty pipe running above the sand. I think it is a sewage pipe. I did find out though, that apparently they are dredging sand from farther out and they are pumping it through this pipe on up the beach to combat the beach erosion.


I picked up my car. I am happy to say it was just the U joint so that set me back $300, although the car does still vibrate a little at high speed. Now I don’t exactly appreciate that, believe it or not, so I may have them take another look. I also had them fix the back lift gate lock so I can actually lock my stuff in the car.

One more anecdote here. Annika asked me yesterday if I was able to go back in time what era would I pick. Like the time of knights, pilgrims, Vikings, Indians….. Kristoff answered and said, “I think mom would like to go back to the time when she was first married!” And yes, I miss my husband terribly…..everywhere we go and everything we do we are always saying, “Wow, daddy would love to be here to see this!”

I am thinking our work experience here will be great. Everyone seems very welcoming and friendly. We went to orientation yesterday and were greeted with Peterbrooke chocolate popcorn, which is a local specialty, and they had put separate little bags of candy for each of the kids into the gift bag. I had 3, and Eric got 7 since he has his whole crew along. That was pretty thoughtful!


Tomorrow we finally get our house! Can’t wait! I hope it is everything I hoped for and then some. It is really very beautiful here in Jacksonville, with all the rivers and waterways and the ocean and forests and beautiful grass yards and gorgeous homes…..and boats at sea and marinas and birds and sand….and historical sites and towns and forts….today was a perfect 86 degrees and sunny and the ocean water was warm…..and my children played delightedly in the surf….

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