Incidents Unnerve Beeline Adventurers

Imagine how my heart about stopped when I saw this at 06:00 this morning! At first I thought that the light coming in through the door was because the door was too small for the opening.


But in fact it seems as though someone entered our apartment during the night! First thing I checked was that all the kids were okay. Then the stuff. Nothing seems amiss!

So I call my fellow AZ nurse, Eric to bail me out for a ride to our first orientation day. My car is not going to make it. All 9 traveling Arizonans were well received at this, our new home away from home for the next 10 weeks! It is a beautiful campus. Of course I am a bit nervous if I can perform well and make them proud of the WFMCA…..for anyone who knows Cerner, the good part is our computer orientation was only 1/2 hr long!


And we really were treated well! How about breakfast and lunch….we all indulged in the Sushi bar…..notice the lunch card says “no limit” 🙂


It is a bit worrisome when you see this…..
Oh yeah, it is the rainy season!


After work I had to call AAA for the third time this trip. They just hate me by now! I find out tomorrow what’s wrong with the car, and what the damages are. I’m thinking it is some serious coin!


The weather finally broke and we had a beautiful evening. We headed to the beach to see the house that we rented and move into on Saturday.


The only problem is that the neighborhood is a bit hoity-toity, so I am not sure I am going to like it. Plus there’s like tons of super annoying tourists driving by checking out the nice houses here on Ponte Vedra Beach! Wish all tourists would stay home!

We also found this super beautiful St. John’s Town Center shopping plaza. It is like Kierland on steroids. It’s massive and beautiful – and this is coming from a nonshopper. My kids were excruciating brats there, just thought I would let you know, so no one gets too jealous about my paradise found. One really cool thing about it is that on the hour the bell tower chimes like an old church. The bad thing is that with this beautiful shopping center, even I might become a shopaholic.


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