Beeline-mobile Limps Into Stormy Jacksonville

2,375 miles later, we limp into Jacksonville, FL! That’s 3,800 km for my Canadian and Finnish friends. I don’t know who would be dumb enough to think its a good idea to embark on a journey like this alone with three kids! Seems unreal that we have made it!


I do have to say that I had no idea that there are literally hundreds of miles of pine forests along I-10 in Florida!


Incidentally we were not the winners of the Beverly Hillbilly prize today. This guy won hands down!


Welcome to Jacksonville! Rain and bad traffic! Nobody lets you in either!


I guess we just missed some flooding in Jacksonville Beach! Hey, tubing in flooded streets looks like a good time!


Well here is our pad at Wyndham for the next couple days until we get our house.


In the meantime I am thinking I am going to have to part with some serious cash to fix my ailing truck :-(. Meanwhile I start work tomorrow….. New job, new city….ailing vehicle….

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