Oil Rig Pump Taken Over BY Unruly Children

When in Texas do as the Texans do! Take over the oil rigs. And that is just what we decided to do. You know how in Texas they have these oil rigs everywhere? How does one resist the temptation? .


It was a fun ride going up and down on this oil pump…..


Well, actually this was at the Petroleum Museum. They also had this ginormous diamond there.


What of a visit to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center? It’s a pretty neat place. 10 miles of driving in the midst of many different animals they have there at the preserve. We fed the animals right out of our car window.


This ridiculous giraffe tried to eat our bikes on the roof and back of our car!! I still have to see if it caused any damage, especially to David’s bike!


Now Kristoff really liked this deer, or whatever it is. He kept wanting to feed the smelly and dirty thing! I guess the animal thought something was funny. Maybe it got a chuckle when Annika said, “Mom, I am so hungry that I changed my mind – I think pretty soon I going to eat a deer!”


One of these zebras bit Annika’s thumb and skinned it. I guess we are lucky she did not lose a digit. She was worried about getting HIV. I assured her that would not happen. The boys figured she would get rabies. We will see if her thumb falls off.


When we were driving out of the safari park my car died. I waited just outside the gates for 2 hours for a tow truck. My wonderful brother Peter came to rescue me. I had to put $300 into a new fuel filter and diagnostics. Meanwhile I think my rear end is broken, so maybe I won’t make it to Florida after all…..like my truck rear end…..I think I am in trouble.

My brother Peter and I went biking today. Had a Texas style grandiose rainstorm and got soaked to the bone! Been awesome to visit here with my bro and his family.


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