Finland Loses #1 Ranking For Public Drunkenness: New Orleans

Finland no longer qualifies as the top contender for public drunkenness. Displays of falling down drunkenness and self-defecation (not self- deprecation) were evident in New Orleans, LA as we walked the Riverfront. Needless to say, my lovely, very sheltered children were greatly shocked and frightened. The large number of homeless people also had them quite distraught. This city sure has its fair share of strange ducks!

Aside from this, our short visit to New Orleans was fun. We started off with high pressure sales to take the Hop on Hop Off tour bus. When I started walking away, they agreed to let all four of us ride for the cost of one ticket. That was a good intro to the city.


We even drove past the Stupor-Dome. When I asked the kids what that is, Bjorn started explaining the super-nova. Deprived kids don’t even know what the Stupor-dome is! But alas, I will put this photo here for all my friends who are in the know and love hockey!


We did see a graveyard or two, New Orleans style…..that photo posted at the bottom, and I don’t know how to move it.

So of course we went to the famous Cafe du Monde for beignets! When we were there we facetimed (verb- past tense) dad so that he could be jealous about our doughnut extravaganza. Yum! As you can see, a certain lard face needs beignets like she needs a hole in the head!


But do beware the potential risk of aspiration pneumonia from powdered sugar. I figured a new good way to get a sugar high – inhale powdered sugar!


I learned something new today. That is highly unusual to all of you who don’t know me well :-). Louisiana is the only state that does not have counties, but rather is divided up in parishes. The Catholic Church RULES around here! This fairy tale church was closed so we did not get to go in to interrupt the service this time.


Upon the recommendation of my lovely young friend, Meagan, we went to go try the charbroiled Oysters at Dragos. They were stunningly delicious! Wow!


After oysters we took the original streetcar back to our car. Annika kept telling me that “New Orleans makes me feel funny”. I am surprised at how scared she really was about the drunks milling around. Then once back at the car she said that it feels so awesome to be back inside the car, safe and sound!


The hotel we are staying at is just 11 miles away from downtown. Annika said, “Mom, how far did we drive? I want to get far away from that place!” Poor thing! So here we are spending the night at the Holiday Inn Express in an area that looks a little iffy – and I have $12 G worth of bikes on my car – never mind all the other stuff I have loaded in the vehicle. We will see if everything is intact in the morning!
The reservation was non refundable.


I would also like to thank my brother and his awesome wife for their hospitality during our stay in Dallas. Petervich rescued me from auto perils, gave me a challenging bike ride in the rain, and dark…. And then we had a chance to watch their boys win a hockey game and tennis tournament. Top that off with a picnic dinner and a boat ride! I won’t tell you about the brisket because I don’t want to make anyone envious :-). They are the most gracious hosts!



I might add here that I drove to New Orleans from Dallas in 7.5 hours with only one 10 min potty break. Not bad for an old lady. I got a few DVT’s, but I am not worried. Now for tomorrow I am hoping my car does not have any troubles so that I can make it to Jacksonville and be ready to report to work on Wednesday morning! Wish me good luck, and if you don’t believe that luck exists, can you please wish me good cause and effect?

aaaaaahhhh……… I just looked out the window of the hotel room!!!!! Look at the abandoned heap joint next to us! Anyone wanna bet my car and all my stuff is gone in the morning?



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