Government Shutdown Affects Beeline Adventures

The Beeline-mobile began the lengthy journey to Florida this morning as scheduled. The last moments of packing were hectic, as one might expect, but it all came together pretty nicely. The contents of the vehicle?

Three munchkins and their mom
6 bikes
2 kayaks
3 large suitcases
4 small suitcases
2 boxes of misc
1 iPod docking station
3 school backpacks
4 lounge chairs
1 tent
Camp stove
Camping gear
5 sleeping bags
4 blankets/sheets
3 air mattress
2 boogie boards
1 skim board
8 beach towels
7 life jackets
6 wet suits
2 tennis rackets
5 fishing rods
Innumerable fishing lures
2 airsoft gunz
……blah blah blah…..


Before we left the kids made dad a 28 point to-do-list for things around the house. We figure that should keep him busy and out of trouble. Posted that baby on the fridge…..

So the government shuts down and screws up my educational trip plans. We were going to stop at the Carlsbad Caverns in NM, which contain some of the coolest stalactites and stalagmites in the world. But since we have a dysfunctional leadership all the National Parks are closed. I am glad I am not heading to Washington DC this week….or maybe that would be a good way to show the kids how the government works!

In lieu of the caverns I tried to think of another educational place to see. Then I discovered that my kids don’t know who Billy The Kid was! And they are Arizona kids, at that! I can’t believe I have failed my chill’un such that they never learned anything about my favorite outlaw! So we stopped in Old Mesilla, NM and saw the building where The Kid was tried and sentenced to death. No gun fights broke out, or nothin’ like that, so we just walked the streets, which was pretty darn cool.


We accidentally interrupted a mass that was going on inside this lovely little church…..shhhhhh kids……


Of course we had a few noneducational moments too, which makes me feel like a failure…..


Then because we were losing time I kept cruising like a crazy person, and was proud as a peacock that I got 660 miles on one tank of diesel. I finally pull off the freeway to fill up, and what do you know….my car dies on the ramp. Thus a new lesson was born. Ok kids! Watch AAA do their thing….. And furthermore, don’t be opening the doors too much here, cuz one doesn’t know what the area is like…..I just wish David were along, so I would have someone to blame for running out of diesel!


But I digress! Here we are safe and sound. The kids are all sound asleep in their comfy LaQuinta beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, while I in my nightie am updating a blog….zzzzz



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  1. Soooo, why is dad not a part of this adventure? Or is he meeting up with you in Fla? Have a great time, you fearless leader!

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