Florida Calling


The countdown has begun…two more days and we will be on the road to Florida. I have so many things to think about! Will I need any winter gear for the kids? It will be December when we come back. Am I packing too many shorts? Not enough long pants? Too many pants? Do we need any dressier clothes? What about my recipes for Christmas baking? Wow, I think I have to take some cookie sheets along! What about my addresses for Christmas cards? But wait, I was going to pack light! Should I take the Vitamix? Oh my goodness, I need my “hiekka hentunen” tart tins because I have never had a Christmas without my tarts! How about 6 bikes? What? I am planning on spending one night in New Orleans, but I can’t park my rig anywhere when it is loaded with bikes. How do I find a hotel where I can park?

The kids had their last day of school on Friday. When I picked them up Bjorn was especially excited and jumped into the car and said, “Hooray! vacation begins today!” Vacation? No no! You will be in Internet school, by golly! Annika said that her new school uniform is going to be her swim suit. I had the kids do their internet school placement tests on Friday after school. Kristoff decided rather quickly that he is very disinterested in internet school. Oh no!

Maybe I am making a huge mistake. Part of me seems to feel that maybe I am making a huge mistake by going on this excursion. One of the reasons I have reservations is that David is not going to be able to be along for the whole time. Initially the plan was he would try to arrange his work so that he could be in Florida for most of the time we are there, but now his work schedule seems to not allow that. I can barely stand the thought of leaving him behind…..

By the way, this is my first attempt at blogging. I have a LOT to learn. Bear with me. This may be the worst blog you ever set eyes upon….but really, the main intention of this blog is to keep family and close friends apprised of our shenanigans….. hope you enjoy our posts!

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  1. I think it will be a wonderful adventure! So glad you are blogging, excited to keep up with you all! Wish we could spend time with you all there…it will be so warm and sunny 🙂

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